Our Insulated Units

Why Heritage Lead Appliqué?

For centuries the only way to fabricate Old English Tudor style windows was with a traditional leadlight came construction, using quarries (small pieces of regular, geometric glass), and strips of lead, soldered together. Over time these units begin to deteriorate in condition and ultimately fail. Expansion and contraction from shifting weather conditions and contact with moisture can cause the windows to warp and buckle, or the lead to corrode, allowing light leaks and breaks in the quarries. Traditional caming construction also has inherently poor insulating properties, sometimes countered with a layer of exterior plexiglass. This strategy, however, creates its own problems, as plexiglass tends to yellow over time, expand and contract dramatically with weather conditions, and will often trap moisture and bugs that may make their way in between the panes. 

Finally, a solution to these numerous problems has been found. Our insulated glass units offer the authentic look and feel of traditional leadlight windows but with far superior thermal properties to that of the old construction. Instead of individual quarries, units are constructed using just two panes of glass (interior facing and exterior facing) and are decorated with our very own Lead and Zinc appliqué products. Both Lead and Zinc Heritage came products feature a high profile and puttied edge, simulating a traditional leaded glass window, and can be made with a number of different spacer bars, depending on the thermal rating required.  Our insulted came units offer the perfect solution to those looking for an antique look that meets modern energy efficiency and sound insulating standards. 

Adhesive you can trust

Both Lead and Zinc appliqués utilize 3M’s VHB (Very High Bond) adhesive, providing the most authentic looking and longest lasting lead appliqué available today. VHB Tapes are made with an acrylic foam which is viscoelastic in nature, offering outstanding durability performance, high tensile strength, high shear and peel adhesion, resistance to plasticizer migration, and UL746C recognition. Working Temperature range: -30ºF to + 230ºF. Solvent, water, and saline water resistant. Adhesive Thickness: 0.015".

IG Unit OptionS

2 Construction Types: Strip, and Divided Light
Heritage Flat profile Zinc Stip.JPG

Strip Units

Strip units feature our lead or zinc caming on a single pane of glass. Appliqué is adhered to both sides of the interior-facing pane, and is puttied on one side.

Simulated divided lite detail.jpg

Divided Light Units

Divided Light units feature our lead or zinc caming on both interior and exterior-facing glass. Appliqué is adhered to both sides of the Insulated Glass unit, is puttied on both sides, and utilizes an interior muntin bar to simulate a true divided light, tudor-style window.

4 Lead Profiles: Heritage Oval (Puttied Edge), Flat, Standard Oval, Railroad

Where an alternative to lead is required, we also offer a Zinc Came adhesive. Comes in 2 options: Standard Flat, and Heritage Flat (Puttied Edge).

Full Lead Profile List & Specs (PDF)

Heritage Zinc Profile Spec (PDF)